Monday, May 16, 2005

Concert Review: British Sea Power

Official blog pin-up Brian and I went to Bowery Ballroom tonight for what turned out to be an evening of art rock. I grabbed the tickets to see British Sea Power, whose second album Open Season I previously implied would have been at home on a John Hughes soundtrack (in a good way).

Well, it didn't turn out exactly as planned. BSP rocked out pretty tough, much more guitar-driven and hard edged than I expected. Still, I liked it. Most of their performance contrasted starkly with "It Happened on an Oily Stage" and "Please Stand Up," but if given a choice, my tastes tend to favor loud guitars and loud voices. On the other hand, the lead singer sounded hoarse and pretty rough for most of the set. The drummer/keyboardist also made the unfortunate choice of wearing a construction worker hat for the last song, which made him look like an outcast from the Village People.

Blog pin-up Brian did not share my generally favorable reaction. They lost him halfway through. To my surprise, we both liked opening act Feist. I didn't expect her to be my proverbial cup of tea. But she had a great voice, played with the crowd very well, and is a pretty lady to boot. I think I love her. She's a little too sweet-sounding for me to purchase her stuff, but as a live performer, she was kind of sublime. It was an endearing and polished performance.

Follow-up note: Downtown music aficionado Central Village attended the Saturday night show and has some different conclusions as to BSP. Apparently the Saturday show was less rambunctious, and the lead singer's voice was in better shape.

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