Thursday, May 05, 2005

Drunk food for the über-cool

You know how sometimes you'll see a commercial or TV show or something like that that utterly fascinates and infuriates you, but you can't explain why? No? Just me then? OK.

That's exactly how I feel whenever those commercials for McGriddles, McDonald's new breakfast sandwich-type objects, come on. The ad shows some cool kids out on the town. A DJ's scratchin' it up, everyone's dressed like an Urban Outfitters catalog shoot and there are even some cute girls at the periphery.

But who wants to chase girlies when there's an animated boom box pulsing to some phat beats? (Though what it's supposedly playing sounds more like Cake's dreadful "Never There.") Anyway, the kids seem content to just kick it and keep drinking until McDonald's opens and they can get some McGriddles to cap off the night.

This commercial makes me want to break shit in my apartment, but I totally want it to come on again.

1 comment:

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