Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cole Slaw Blog celebrity sighting, Vol. 3: Bono

Walking home after work, I decided to stop off at Rosario's to grab a couple of slices. About a block away, I notice a large throng of people. "Oh shit," I think to myself, "is there another Lindsay Lohan shoot going on?" I'm pissed, and worry that I won't be able to cross the street to Rosario's because some lame-ass film shoot has the road blocked.

With "Little Hoodrat Friend" blasting from my iPod, I nonchalantly walk past the cops and officials. This works well. Being oblivious, I once walked through a Law & Order shoot, literally brushing shoulders with Jerry Orbach et al. as they walked by. If you can combine the right mix of looking clueless and annoyed (something I pull of well in my natural state) you seem to be able to walk through any line of cops, especially if you're wearing a tie. Relieved to get inside of Rosario's, a charismatic homeless man asks me who's outside. I tell him I have no idea.

Turns out, it was Bono. He stepped out of a car on the southwest corner of Orchard and Stanton. The throng across the street is overjoyed. Bono pauses for pictures and autographs. Sal, Rosario's proprietor, runs outside and puts his arm around Bono. Bono plays nice. I stare out the window until my two slices are ready. As I walk home, Bono's car stops at the intersection, and I dart past. Some chicks outside of Arlene's Grocery discuss Sal's stunt. And as I write this post, I am enjoying my first slice.

For whatever it's worth, it looked like Bono might have been filming something at The Slipper Room.

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