Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wankers at Princeton

I like all of my nice Princeton friends in the City, so this isn't directed at you. But sitting at work, I'm listening to Al Franken interview one Princeton student who organized the anti-Frist filibuster, and a Republican undergrad who opposes them. Both are pleasant and articulate -- but they're also pompous, and seem to have very shallow knowledge of the issue. Nice to see a little leftist activism at a place like Princeton, but the Democrats put a big target on themselves when they celebrate a piddling campus protest like this. Listening to these two (who learned their rhetorical techniques from Crossfire and seem to have little idea of what they're actually talking about) is bringing back bad memories of the Diag. It also conforms with the worst media stereotypes of an effete liberal elite. Sucks that public outrage over the Republican parliamentary putsch has taken this form.


sunshine said...

i couldn't get the link to work in this post

CrimeNotes said...
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CrimeNotes said...

The link is updated to a different site. Thanks for the comment.